My Autistic sons child abuser had him charged help me help my son with his injustice

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My Autistic son has been charged by his child abuser help me stop this Injustice.

My Autistic child was bullied by his teacher. He started losing clumps of hair (as pictured), broke out in pimples, gone up to XL men's size, vitamin D deficiency.  

On 11th August, I asked her via communication book to stop. She launched a attack on him, threw paint on him told him he shyt himself. when he stood to leave she  grabbed his wrists, bent them backwards, left imprints still visible 2 hours later,  king hit him across the head, he got free , while her hands off him hitting him. He Left room she threw his bag out stomping on it, he went pick it up.  she grabbed him threw him against the wall hitting his shoulder and head. His brother came in, told back to class or else. Dragged my Autistic son out of class, he tried to kick her get free, "according to her statements he missed" . He left the school.  The School called your son's gone home upset. I Had take him hospital. Principal called I said not sending him back if she's there just been emergency room. He asks for meeting with education staff 17th August after I told them what happened and King hits kill they went into cover-up mode. As soon as I mentioned going anti-discrimination board. Ellen Clark says "open suspension" up to 8months which principal did.  they saw the attached picture and his medication for hairloss pimples, they said can't see anything.

 2 months later my son still hasn't been back. On 15th September I had another meeting at school, I asked them if they knew she pressed charges and applied intervention order, as whole time they been emailing and texting me send my son back to that class, they didn't know about assault charges, unbelievably She now been given full time position.

I been trying to press charges against her for assault unbelievably 1st September he is been charged thrown in a cell. I told the judge 21st September, he granted her a temporary protection order she asked it be varied his not to go to her house 25km out of town. And police escorts to her car. My Autistic son the victim of her vicious attack, emergency room visit and she's needing protection? . The next day after court she's intimidating my other son, whose schoolwork is suffering and his becoming depressed. He too seen a counselor. 

She has order my child not to approach her. How's he supposed to attend his special class when this child abuser is the teacher. His not to go within 20 metres of her he can't even attend another class. 

My son is withdrawn, bribery won't work to get him out of the house. His just gone up another size. 

Help me petition Attorney General George Brandis to stop this ludiciously and stop court proceedings, and investigate her for child abuse.

Petition Chief Minister Barr to put his money where his mouth is and stop systemic abuse and coverup.

NSW Premier Mike Baird to look in cases of child abuse in our school's. Order a royal commission into child abuse.