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My brother lost his life due to the negligence and irresponsibility on the part of such reputed and prestigious institution - Bits Pilani !!

I want to bring to the notice of all news channels, media persons,T.V reporters,parents , students and alumni of Bits Pilani, so that they can
broadcast it and such mishaps which happened with my brother can be
avoided. My cousin brother,Shaurya Agarwal was the only child and his
Father died when he was just four years old. His mother, a very brave
and courageous lady, is a teacher and brought him up. He was a
brilliant student and got selected in Bits Pilani last year. He was
just 19 years old!! He was a good swimmer, but on 15th October, 2013
he drowned in the swimming pool in Bits Pilani Campus.I still DO NOT
UNDERSTAND THIS, how a good swimmer got drowned in the Campus swimming pool?? Due to the negligence and irresponsibility of the Campus people and the instructor, no help was provided on time. All that was done,
was to take him to the nearest hospital, that took more than half an that time it was too late. Yes, a call did come from the institute, to his mother telling her to take her son back. If that is not RUDE and INHUMAN then I need to understand the "new definition " of being human!! He was a very good son, a very sweet brother and above all a very good human being!! I just want to bring this incident to everyone's notice, so that such negligence and irresponsibility on the part of such reputed and prestigious institutions is not repeated and they take care and responsibility for the children who go there. We are still in a state of shock !! Today, 25th October is his birthday!! Please, I request you all,please bring this serious matter to everyone's notice, as for some it may be just another accident or
death, but ask a woman , who has lost her husband when her son was
only 4 years old and now her son at the age of 19 !! Please I request you all, please let's bring this negligence on the part of this institute to public notice, so that such cases do not happen ever again.Please sign this petition and forward it also. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping some action will be taken, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” ― John Bunyan
Thank you everyone in advance and God bless you all.


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  • all the news channels,media persons,T.V reporters, parents,students and alumni of Bits Pilani

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