My Brother has to be stopped !!!!

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My name is Becca I've decided that something has to be done about my brother who alot of you on Facebook have heard of him or even non stop harassing  messages from him, not to mention all the inappropriate pic messages of him masturbating ! Disgusting I no , I want to clear this all all up before all the people get wrong ideal , I love my bro he's my baby bro ! I wouldn't dare do this to hurt him no matter what people may say, yes we are not talking and yes part of reason I am doin this is because of reason were not talking which i no it will be hard for alot of people to believe because for so long I never believed any of the accusations and rumors till one day about a month ago my youngest daughter my brothers blood niece sent me fwd of messages from my brother to my daughter , it was his begging her to video chat with him and telling her she and him could watch each other masturbate ! She called me in tears as he was non stop texting going into panic mode that she may have told on him , indeed she was to me but u also to to know he was only boy out of 4 kids so he was spoiled beyond any I've ever seen still till this day he gets whatever he wants from our mother who is on disability had cancer twice, lost my dad and grandma all in same year few months apart and she fell broke her ribs etc. But yet he takes full advantage of being the baby of family and whatever lies he tells her she believes see before he messaged my daughter to do this he had messaged I believe all our female cousins thier friends,sisters etc. Any and every female possible he has been doing this to yet tried to convince me and fb that he had been hacked each time someone told on him, so he would try to play the so called victim, so back to my daughter I new my brother would say it was lies bla bla and he would get away with continuing to keep his sick perverted /incestuous fantasies going , so I told my daughter if she could just pretend to agree with what he was asking and await for him to send pics of himself to prove it was indeed him doing it all to any and every female related or not young or old etc . And just like I knew he would he was sending sick but identifying without a doubt that it was indeed my brother not just random strangers hacking his fb each time a girl told on him in fact yesterday I was sent screen shot after screen shot of several young girls he had also harassed and begged and even stalked to a extent ,in my opinion, and he had sent all these girls same nasty pics and crude talk, he had sent to my daughter and cousins and so fourth , so I'm hoping that since it's not against law for him to do all this as long as there 18 and above then maybe enough people who were victims of his sick twisted stalking on fb could sign a petition not just bringing awareness to others , but hopefully all the statements and all the public post from several girls who may or may not of known these  other girls personally they did have same sick pervert doing same harassment to them , and then possibly some sort of professional,legal  help will be able to step in before God forbid it go any further than what has already, I've already been told by several victims that he has already did same actions with underage girls on fb but we need all that can and will to speak up what he did ,,or said ,and how you (his victims)felt when he wouldn't take no for answer, and we need someone with the right authority to help put a end to my brothers perversion  and hopefully for his sake someone or someplace will be able to start counseling /therapy some form of treatment! So plz sign petition if you agree it's gone to far he has no boundaries and he has to be stopped completely and get some kind of treatment and help ,and all his victims off Facebook messenger hopefully eventually can get past it and the memory of it fades on behalf of my family I want to apologize to all those who had to encounter this type situation just from being on social network, it's obvious he has mentally issues that need the utmost attention from the right authorities in this matter and like I said earlier if we all stand up together ! And sign this petition agreeing you each were harassed, sent inappropriate pic messages , and some pretty much stalked online by his constant begging and not taking no for answer, then word will get out to women,and young lady's and hopefully some proper authority figures from the correct facilities will see out petion as well as before u sign on  the question at end that it ask why did you sign plz u don't have to have ur name available if u don't want but plz help me to put a stop to this perversion , and hopefully get him the treatment he NEEDS by leaving ur statement of what he did and said to u all , so everyone will see how high the number of these incidents and victims he has actually accumulated and got away with and for how long, ty we can do this! Here are more details on my bro for those of you who haven't had a incident with him yet, or to all those who have we can all make sure we are all doing this over the same guy my brother Mike (Micheal ) James Thompson , approx 5"10 or lil more med build dark brownish /black hair always cut short kinds like a high and tight army cut, has several tatoos ,missing teeth, has piercings I believe eyebrow, possibly tongue ring , he clams he's professional tatoos artist when indeed is a lie, he's has no real professional type experience the tats on his fb are all misleading like edited in person they are messed up lines,uneven,to deep,ink did get in to skin properly etc, he wear cut off tank tops majority of the time I will do a update post and upload a pic if there is not one on this petion, ty