Notice industry standards and cost of living for the many hats I wear.

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May I start a petition for people who know how hard I work, how skilled I am, and how underpaid I am?

This is an effort to remove the wool from over my bosses eyes about industry standards and cost of living. It is an effort for me to use social media and what I do to help me overcome that I am worth more and that I do deserve fair treatment. Please share, like, promote support and enjoy this event. I welcome any and all coverage.

I work very hard, and deliver solid results. I'm efficient, and go above and beyond my job title. I've fixed errors that were left from other companies and previous tasks from employees that couldn't fix it. (the twitter api... so simple, rofl. In JOOMLA no less! Which was my first time EVER logging in or using Joomla CMS.) I have great knowhow and am a great personal assistant, customer support, graphic designer, web designer, content writer, photographer, video editor, and all around tech ninja.

 I make 10/hour. and my medical coverage is considered a "raise"

compare any IT job below, go ahead.. I'm still underpaid. They usually have better bonuses/vacation time and insurance or other incentives as well.


AND YES I WILL BE SHOWING HIM THIS, SO FEEL FREE TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR ME. Also, Idioms are awesome, and so am I at what I do. Have a great day!


ps. I posted a picture of me with a derpy face from when I was 15/16ish at Coffee guessed it a coffee shop - back when it was still a coffee shop in Granbury square.

I started working ..yup, at 15 :) ..shortly after this photo and have been working ever since.

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