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My name is Janice Mayfield and my husband is Naser Bayat. We have a
daughter is 11 years old and she is special needs. She has Autism
Spectrum Disorder with moderate mental handicap and she is a very active
child. Naser and I must be together in raising Jasmine(daughter).
Jasmine and I need him to be here. It has been over 5 years that Naser
is away from Jasmine and I. Please help us. Thanks

I have lived in Canada for 12 years from 2001 to 2013. During this time I have never had any problems with the police or any other law enforcement. In 2002 I married Janice Mayfield who is a Canadian citizen, our daughter Jasmine was born in 2007. I gave up my job when our daughter was three months old because my wife was unable to care for her. I was with Jasmine day and night for six years, I was her father and mother. Jasmine and I were like two bodies sharing one soul, there was nothing I wouldn't do for her. At the age of three, we realized that there was a lack of progress in her development. She was diagnosed with autism, from that moment I promised to dedicate my entire life to doing everything I could to keep her safe, happy and healthy. Jasmine is now six years old, she still eats baby food. I am proud to say that she is happy, healthy and full of energy, 
Everything was running smoothly until we received a letter from Immigration which noted I had to go and meet with them. I went to Immigration with my lawyer and my wife. While I was there I was told by one of the officers that I had to leave Canada in one month. I was shocked and speechless, why is this happening? what did I do wrong? what was going to happen to my Jasmine? My simple but happy life with my family had turned upside down. I was devastated and was filled with a great loss of never seeing my daughter again. Jasmine has only three people in her life, myself, her mom and her grandmother. She was about to lose the one person that has been with her day and night since birth. I believed that Canada was a country made of principals, human rights, and democracy. How could such a thing happen to us? My daughter was no longer happy, she knew that something was wrong. She was no longer playful and full of energy, I didn't know what to do. Thinking of never seeing my beautiful daughter again was unimaginable. I was so depressed that I decided the only option was to end my life, I was nothing without Jasmine.
I was taken to the hospital without proper care and was surrounded by immigration authorities. The next day they sent me to a prison in Vancouver, the following day I went to the immigration detention center. This place was horrible and filled with very aggressive prison guards. I was naked and searched, then I was taken to cell number three. They gave me a very heavy coat to wear, I had to wear it for forty days. I was heavily controlled and under surveillance 24/7. I wasn't allowed to do anything, not even take a bath or shower. When the time came that I was allowed to take a bath, I had four guards with me. I was handcuffed from behind and my feet were chained. When it was time for my hearing before the judge, I was handcuffed, chained and barefoot. The court was located at the immigration building. There were a judge, my lawyer, and a few officers. The whole process took just a few minutes and I wasn't allowed to say anything.
I was detained for almost one and a half months and then escorted to the airport. I was heading to Germany and then to Iran. I was escorted all the way to Germany by three immigration officers. At the airport, I had some of my belongings returned except for my driver licence and my care card. I am now in Iran, depressed and devastated. I have so many questions that have been left unanswered. A country like Canada that criticizes and treats people like prisoners is not the same country that I once loved. How can a person be handcuffed, chained and treated like an animal and not have the right to speak for himself Even the least democratic country wouldn't do what Canada has done to a six-year-old autistic child. They have killed my Jasmine's soul and destroyed her life. They have taken her father who was the only one who cared and looked after her, we were everything to each other. Canada took away my daughters happiness, there is no joy left in her. The government of Canada thinks because of Jasmine's disability, that she has no feelings and thoughts of her own. They are wrong, she knows that I was taken away and she needs me more than ever. When we were together, she always wanted me to wrap my arms around her so she could fall asleep. She liked when I played with her hair and played games with her. She used to be sensitive and passionate, now she is depressed and lost without me. She has lost weight and I'm extremely worried. I will hold Canada responsible for what they have done to me and my family. I will hold them responsible if anything happens to my Jasmine. She was my soul, my life, and my heart, she was my everything and my only reason for living. I hold the government of Canada responsible, particularly Jason Kenney, the former minister of immigration for signing my deportation order. He destroyed our lives and I have no desire to live without my Jasmine.
Naser Bayat


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