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Changing slabtime back to normal

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I feel like there is a more efficient way to handle slab time in regards to avoiding fights during the lineup period. However, I do not think this should come at the sacrifice of socialization between the 3 teams.

I wholeheartedly agree that the fights and other inappropriate things happening during the lineup period of slab time is an issue, but the way that it is being handled is as much of an issue. The current system limits the socialization time between certain groups by dismissing tables one by one and sending people outside in groups. Socialization is also limited by the fact that we are walking non-stop yet seem to be unable to cross the center of the patio, meaning that hopping between friend groups is essentially hopeless.

The idea that we could end up with assigned seats by class is also absurd. Our socialization is already EXTREMELY limited throughout the school day, and making it so that we could end up stuck with an assigned group practically the entire day is absolutely ridiculous. This could also lead to lack of socialization by people who wouldn’t have anyone to sit next to and communicate with in their classes, which could have negative psychological effects, such as isolation, decreased self-esteem, and shorter lifespan. On top of all of this, the negative effects of loneliness can start to set in within just over one day of not socializing.

An alternative that I would suggest would be keeping slab time the same as it was originally, but having sectors of the slab. These sectors would have no purpose during slab time itself, but as we begin going inside, kids will need to make their way to the nearest sector, then each sector will be sent inside. There would be around 9 sectors. I believe this would be a suitable compromise between the two. These sectors would not correlate to color teams whatsoever, meaning that kids won’t have to push their way through entire rows of students to get to their color groups.

In conclusion, the current slab time situation is very upsetting to nearly all the students I have talked to, which includes both Seventh and Eighth graders. I feel like it is a very easy fix, allowing us to have the socialization of the original along with a decreasing number of fights during and around slab time. It will also lower the amount of students complaining and saying things such as “Wow it’s a concentration camp,” “I say we make picket signs and stand in the middle tomorrow,” “I’m going to drop out after this,” and “How high were the administrators when they came up with this?” (Yes, these were both things I heard during slab time on January 8th

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