My 10 demands for Ukraine - Мої 10 вимог - Meine 10 Forderungen für Ukraine

My 10 demands for Ukraine - Мої 10 вимог - Meine 10 Forderungen für Ukraine

8. August 2022
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Gestartet von Tom Eric Szczepanik

My 10 demands for Ukraine

(1)   Stand with Ukraine / Arm Ukraine now

(2)   Close the sky over Ukraine (no flight zone)

(3)   Victory and peace for Ukraine

(4)   Ukraine has to become EU member

(5)   Ukraine has to become NATO member

(6)   Genocides in Ukraine must be recognized by all "Western" governments

(7)   Russia must be labeled as terrorist state

(8)   Isolate Russia

(9)   Stop business with Russia

(10) Stop Russian propaganda


Мої 10 вимог

(1)   Будьте з Україною/ Озбройте Україну

(2)   Закрийте небо над Україною (без зони польоту)

(3)   Перемоги і миру для України

(4)   Україна має стати членом ЄС

(5)   Україна має стати членом НАТО

(6)   Геноцид в Україні має бути визнаний усіма «західними» урядами

(7)   Росія має бути визнана терористичною державою

(8)   Ізолюйте Росію

(9)   Припиніть бізнес з Росією

(10) Зупиніть російську пропаганду


Meine 10 Forderungen für Ukraine

(1)          Vollumfängliche Unterstützung für Ukraine (militärisch, finanziell, humanitär, politisch) = Stand with Ukraine

(2)          Flugverbotszone über Ukraine

(3)          Sieg und Frieden für Ukraine

(4)          Ukraine muss EU-Mitglied werden

(5)          Ukraine muss NATO-Mitglied werden

(6)          Genozid in Ukraine muss von allen Regierungen geahndet werden 

(7) Russland muss als Terrorstaat eingestuft werden

(8) Isolation von Russland

(9)          Keine Geschäftsaktivitäten in Russland

(10) Stoppt russische Propaganda



→ Urgent military (e.g. Bayraktar, HIMARS, drones and further heavy weapons), financial and humanitarian support is required now.


→ No further Russian aircraft over Ukrainian cities. NATO should have reacted very long time ago in order to save Ukrainian lives.


→ The Russians must be expelled out of Ukraine´s territories. All occupied territories have to be given back to Ukraine. Only after this Ukraine will focus on peace.  


→ The “historical moment for Ukraine to become an EU member is appreciated but much too late and it will take too long until the final realization.


→ In the first step the NATO should integrate Finland and Sweden as members. Ukraine has mandatory to be taken into account as member after the end of war.


→ All “Western” countries / parliaments are requested to recognize that Russia is committing genocide against Ukrainians.


→ Take action immediately. The war crime in Vinnytsia on 14 July 2022 is only one heart-breaking example for a terrorist attack on peaceful Ukrainians. Everyone who committed war crimes (murder, rape, looting etc.) as well as supported the perpetrators will be made accountable, taken to court and legally sentenced.


→ Due to the war crimes against Ukrainians Russia must be finally isolated. In this context all international memberships have to be terminated as soon as possible.


→ Every international company who is still active with business in Russia, trading with / to Russia supports the war against Ukraine while paying taxes and deliver goods (especially military equipment). All these companies must stop business immediately.


→ Negotiations and contract compliance don´t exist in Russia (see grain export deal and missiles on Odesa Sea Port). Russia cannot be trusted and they only understand one language = brutal force. Here we are at demand 1 again. Military support is crucial for Ukraine. Stop listen to Russian propaganda!

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