Improve racial climate at NC State University

Improve racial climate at NC State University

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Although diversity and inclusion is a goal and expectation of the university, there are many shortcomings in NC State’s diversity and inclusion policies. The university fails on multiple aspects of diversity and inclusion. From a racial and ethnic standpoint, the university is still more than 60% Caucasian with only about 5% African American students and an even smaller percentage of American Indians. The university also fails in the social aspects of inclusion with numerous accounts of hate speech that targeted different races, genders and sexual identities. While diversity and inclusion is something NC State prides itself on, the university will likely never reach this goal, especially if enrollment continues toward the traditional and current ratios.The greatest stride the university could make toward diversity and inclusion would be to have a diverse student, faculty and staff population. This document outlines the demands from an African American standpoint. After consideration of both recent and historical events and statistics, this list of demands was created. These demands will make strides in the direction of diversity and inclusion. This is a call for action; we are holding the university accountable for its actions and expect the following.

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Active recruiting for black and other minoritized  students to promote a university that is diverse

Recruitment is the first step to getting students to come to college. It is the university and its subordinates’ responsibility to recruit minoritized students. This promotes diversity on a wide spread level and is the first step in achieving diversity.

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Increased scholarship funding for black and other minoritized students

When athletes are recruited they are offered various scholarship in hopes that they will attend and contribute to the college. The same should be expected for minoritized students. Scholarships are a monetary way to express a want for a student. If minoritized students are wanted, then scholarship funding should express the need for more to attend this university.


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Acknowledgement and advertisement of multicultural events

By hosting and promoting multicultural events, the university will become an ally to the students in which it serves. If the university is perceived as an ally rather than an opposition, minoritized students will feel more welcomed. As a result this can increase retention of minoritized students.

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Cultural competency course requirement for students and for non-tenured professors and staff (similar to alcohol awareness class)

The first step in preventing incidents of hate speech, racism, and bigotry is to educate. This would be similar approach as the alcohol awareness class that each student is required to take before enrolling. By educating both students and staff the hope is that hate speech events, that NC State is very familiar with, will happen less often and even one day be a thing of the past.  

Make us feel safe:

Change in student code of conduct to include stricter restrictions on hate speech and defined protocol for incidents

While many preventative measures can be taken to reduce the number of incidents, a protocol should still be in place to deal with such events. Students, staff, and faculty are made aware of any crime that happens near campus and the same should be done for acts of hate speech because both are a matter of public safety.

There must also be a code of conduct in place to hold violators of hate speech responsible. In the incident that occurred earlier this semester with hate speech in a group chat, there were no consequences for the students wrong doing. With no consequences for their actions, students would possibly complete such a heinous act again.

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