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Bring back a Vet B/C non A Class to Loretta Lynn's (yearly rotation)

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Each year Vet racers from around the nation would like to race Loretta Lynn's amateur national but do not have the drive or willingness to sign up because of former A and Pro racers flooding the classes, the mass number of racers that are weekend warriors feel left out and alienated because of this.  

Most former A Class or Pro Vets that try for LL are regulars that go year, as such the local weekend vet racer loses all motivation and desire to race.   

The weekend guy hears they have a B/C Class and he’s at the gym, racing locally to prepare and investing $ into the gear, bike, and dealers.   Even if he has 0% chance of making it to the national, the "illusion of a chance” (just as the lottery does) gives the rider that little bump needed to come out and race, instead of being a "practice rider"   think about it, how many ex - A / Pro guys could be motivated like that to come out and race?  Very Few       How many B/C riders will be motivated to do it if they "Think they have a chance"?   Quite a Few maybe even 10x what the previous year was

The racers are out there just waiting for a class.

The youth are offered 8 different B/C or C classes with no A or Pro allowed in the class, with a big segment of vets that make up the backbone of the sport being left out.  

We believe that a 25+B/C (cannot have ever raced A or Pro) would see massive turnout on the LL Area and Regional qualifying stage.   

The Racers know that you would have to replace the 25+ Vet class to make room for this, and it could be done on a yearly rotation, see Example below:

2018:   Vet Classes 25+ B/C, 30+ Open, 35+ B/C, 40+ Open, 50+Open

2019 Vet Classes   25+Open, 30+B/C, 35+ Open, 40+Open, 50+ Open

With a rotation every other year, and 4-6 years to gauge how it is working, we believe the turnout will be better for all the classes.   

Nationwide the Vet B/C (or sport, or beginner as it’s called) is a fast growing and competitive class, the racers are not simply not willing to race with 15-year-old 250/Open C racers at a LL Area, but given the opportunity, we believe as a group the racers will show up if the class is created and make a lot of more money for MX Sports because of the bigger Area turnouts.

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