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We are a group of parents from Dawson, Jefferson Academy and
Monarch High Schools banned together by what we feel is an injustice
forced upon our families by CHSAA.
Like most high school athletes,
it's not only about the love of the game, but more importantly, it's
about your team and the relationships formed from training together,
winning together and loosing together.
When our boys entered into
high school, Adams 12 did not have an opportunity to participate in
lacrosse, so our only option was to seek an alternative school outside
of our home district.
To say the least, this has been a sacrifice for 3
It is not easy to participate in a sport when it is not your home
Some issues that arise are, transportation to and from
practices and games, forming friendships and gelling as a team.
the less, these young men and families decided to proceed and accept
the challenges that would arise.
Now, accommodations have been
made, friendships have been formed and teams have gelled.
Here are
the issues that we face... This past fall/winter we received news that
three things happened that would affect us all.
#1...Adams twelve
approved a new lacrosse team for the district, #2...a new
commissioner was hired to take over CHSAA and #3...CHSAA has
decided to enforce a rule that has been on the books for years.
Basically, this rule states that if an activity/sport becomes available in
your district YOU HAVE to play for that new team.
In the past, CHSAA
has been lenient with this rule, allowing upperclassmen continue with
their existing team.
This has been a great way to handle a new sport
being introduced into a district because it allowed players who had
already formed friendships and an allegiance for their teams to
continue with that team until they graduated.
Any NEW player to the
sport would have to start with the team in their home district.
are our issues... CHSAA is forcing boys whom have played together for
up to 3 years to leave their teams and be forced to play for a brand
new team.
This is especially concerning if you are a Junior or Senior.
Your are being forced to leave a team that your have been working to
build for 2-3 years to participate on a team that is brand new.
This is a
HUGE problem since it takes at least 3 years to build a quality team
and you are being forced to leave a team that is already established
and in some cases THRIVING. Another issue is that in some cases,
enforcing this rule will dismantle teams.
One instance is the Jefferson
Academy Jaguars.
This is a team that started 3 years ago and is made
up of boys from 8 different schools.
Should this rule be enacted, over
half of the team will have to leave to play for the Adams 12 team.
stated above, it takes at least 3 years to build a team and
these boys
have worked very hard to build a quality team.
It was rough for the
first two years, but this year, because of hard work and dedication to
building this team, they almost clinched a spot in the play offs.
these boys are being forced to start over.
As you can imagine, that is
not an appealing prospect for a Senior.
Our suggestion to CHSAA
would be to continue as you have done in the past.
Allow the boys to
stay where they are if they choose.
Mandate that any new player to
the sport play for the new district team.
Adams 12 already has enough
boys to field both a Variety and Junior Varsity team without the boys

that are already committed to an existing team.
Although this is not
the end of their world, it is important that you allow these teams to
stay together.
Forcing them to move and leave their current team and
teammates serves no purpose