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Stop Donald Trump,Jr from coming to Faulkner University

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As we face one of the most race intensified times in our nation's history we cannot look away from those who incite and participate in negative inappropriate behaviors such as those exhibited by Donald Trump, Jr.  This is not who we are.  We are not a nation who supports white nationalism, white supremacists or the Alt Right.  Donald Trump, Jr. who supported Mississippi's flag which is a reminder of a racist past and with his support a clarion call for a racist future.  Having Donald Trump, Jr. as a guest speaker at a "benefits" dinner while questions remain whether he colluded with the Russians is just a cusp of the reason why this "Christian" university should have not have him.  Trump Jr. alleged collusion is not only colluding for his father but it is a treasonist act against America.  It is in utter disbelief that a Christian University would overlook a treasonist act that is equivalent to Judas selling Jesus out for chicken change, a few pieces of silver.  It seems like Faulkner University's Judas Isariot  mentality for pieces of silver given for a benefit dinner to have the devil's spawn who promulgates hate and racism is not beneficial to the students of this Christian college.  Faulkner University a college built on the foundation of Jesus Christ is not exhibiting Jesus by having an individual whose principles and values as seen in recent findings of potential collusion, distrust, and the support of other treasonist (support of a Confederate Mississippi flag) come to the Birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, Montgomery, Alabama. Imagine if Alabama State University invites let's say OJ or Bill Cosby or Rev Jeremiah Wright, Usher,Colin Kaeprenick or even former President Barack Obama for a benefit dinner do you think it would be backlash? We do not want this white nationalist come to this university,let alone city.  We demand that you rescind his invitation as guest speaker publicly.  

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