Mental Health Matters too!!

Mental Health Matters too!!

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Started by Paula Chama

Is it culture or ignorance that makes us abandon our mental health. We as Zambians have many cases of depression,anxiety,bipolar individuals,etc, but we tend to over look these serious mental instabilities because generally we are not sensitized on these matters. 

A child today is being bullied,a young woman is being public shamed and suffers from a serious bipolar case,a young man is depressed and not allowed to air his emotions out because he has to be “strong and set an example as the head of a household”. 

A broken mind shakes our entire core. It can make you uncomfortable in your own skin and can sometimes lead to a beautiful yet painful epiphany. Guard your mental more,not everyone is able to get through insanity.

Change begins here and now with you. Let us create a better and supportive unit for our country. Let us sensitize our people on matters such as these.

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4,634 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!