We want open gates in MVSR ENGINEERING COLLEGE

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"Placements are poor, infrastructure is poor, canteen is worse, quality of drinking water and toilets is poor, faculty needs to be recruited more carefully... But the freedom makes it worth rating the college a solid 200/10." ~ one of the top reviews when you search for MVSR Engineering College in Google. We can clearly see that every word of it is true. The main point of attraction for the college is it's open gate system : students can attend and leave the college whenever they please, this is the very essence of the freedom mentioned in the above review. 

Now that MVSR Engineering College has decided to make the college a closed gate campus, it has lost it's only good quality, it no longer is a point of attraction to new students. As a student of this college, until the moment this college remained open gate I have never hesitated to suggest this college to any of my juniors who were in search of an engineering college, but now I tell them it is not even worth their time to even look at this college's image. 

In short, we can say that this college although ranked very high dubiously in the list of engineering colleges, with almost non existent high level packages and core placements for branches other than CSE and IT, still maintained it's attractiveness to the students through it's open gate system, but now without it's "brahmastra" it is practically worthless to join for new students. By signing this petition, you can help the college and students to make the college open gate (and great) again!