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Medina Valley High School Cheerleaders need a safe, practice location.

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1.  Medina Valley High School Cheerleaders are required to be leaders in every aspect of the community and cheer at any school or town functions to lead the community events.

2.  UIL rules require that cheerleaders maintain a certain image scholastically and athletically in a SAFE enviroment.

3.  Our School Board Mission statement reads:  "Medina Valley Independent School District will provide its students with an educational environment designed to inspire excellence, promote creative thought, achieve maximum potential, and instill responsible behavior and attitudes."  We need to provide this to all school organizations equally.

4.  Parents have brought this up to both administrators and school board in hopes to have executed some resolution or put some suggestions to discussions at the next meeting from 18 months ago with still no results.

5.  Reading the Code of Conduct and Student handbook referencing pg. 2 under section 1:  Parental Rights and Responsibilites - it states as parents which MANY OF US ARE should be involved with our children/students to ensure that they make the most of the educational opportunities the school provides.  If you read further this elaborates that every school organization and or club should experience equality and not be discriminated against for the sole purpose of the group, size or any other reason.

6.  The location of the Annex Gym has not met our needs due to being renovated and unfit for use of athletic activity.  It also is a hazard to our health, not properly ventalited and otherwise not a suitable location.


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