Opposition to MVCCA 2021-2022 Nominee Slate

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The New Gum Springs Civic Association (Civic Association) is strongly opposed to the Mount Vernon Council of Citizens Associations (MVCCA) Slate of Nominees for 2021-2022 that includes William “Bill” Kane as treasurer or any Gum Springs resident that does not acknowledge the fact that they live in Gum Springs to include the 11-homeowners on Holland Court.

Having Bill Kane on the MVCCA Nomination slate is nothing more than a dog whistle for racism that signals acceptance by the MVCCA Co-Chairs and MVCCA Board of Directors to its member associations.

Just as other MVCCA member associations, we have specific boundaries in which our residents reside. Gum Springs boundaries were developed and determined 188 years ago by its founder—West Ford, a free slave.  Residential segregation was re-introduced by Bill Kane, a white man, approximately 3-years who lives on Holland Court.  Holland Court is named after the descendants of West Ford.  For a white resident and MVCCA, a predominantly white organization, to exercise and accept such blatant racism is a slap in the face to not only Gum Springs but also the Holland family who continues to reside in Gum Springs.

Please sign our petition as a show of support for Gum Springs to request that 1) MVCCA remove William “Bill” Kane and any other nominee from its slate of nominees or an appointee who resides within the boundaries of Gum Springs and does not acknowledge their residency in Gum Springs; 2) MVCCA reject HCPOA as a member of the MVCCA; and 3) the Mount Vernon Magisterial District Supervisor continue to recognize that there is only voice for the Gum Springs community and that voice is the New Gum Springs Civic Association

Gum Springs has been one community since 1833 and representation should be as such.  Gum Springs is not a community separated by race.