Referendum For Aceh

Referendum For Aceh

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"We don't want Aceh to be betrayed by the Indonesian government, enough already,".

Referendum (from Latin) or polling is a universal voting process to take a decision, especially political decisions that affect a country as a whole, for example such as adoption or amendment to the constitution or new law, or changes in the territory of a country .

In a referendum, people who have the right to vote are consulted. The results of the referendum can be considered binding or non-binding. A referendum is considered binding if the government must follow all people's answers in the referendum results. If the referendum is not binding, it means that the referendum is only used as an advisory function, where the results do not have to be followed, but become one of the considerations in making further decisions.

In general, there are two types of referendums, namely the legislative referendum and the universal referendum. A legislative referendum is carried out if an constitutional adoption or change / renewal or law requires the approval of the whole people. Whereas the universal referendum is a referendum held based on the will of the people, which is preceded by a demonstration or petition that succeeds in gathering majority support

Moreover, he said, until today there have been 14 years of the Helsinki MoU agreement between GAM and the Republic of Indonesia which has not yet been clarified. There are a lot of derivatives from the Helsinki MoU that have not yet been ratified by the central government.

"Therefore, it takes good faith from the central government in realizing every item contained in the Helsinki MoU in anticipation of a referendum in Aceh,".