The Resignation of IM&RI Shura Council

The Resignation of IM&RI Shura Council

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Muslims of West Michigan started this petition to IM&RI Masjid At-Tawheed Muslims of West Michigan

This letter, written on behalf of the Muslim community of West Michigan, is addressed to the IM&RI “Shura Council”. 

We begin this letter by thanking the members of the “Shura Council” for the contributions, sacrifices, and efforts they have made for At-Tawheed Islamic Center. As with any organization that lacks a system of checks and balances, lapses and failures are inevitable. It has been made evident that any attempts of communication and/or reconciliation by community members is met with political stonewalling, a dismissive attitude, and even baseless threats. 

The following is a list of serious concerns, specific incidents, and inhibitions of community progress stemming directly from persons named above. For the sake of community cohesion, names have been omitted. However, we are prepared to provide names and specific incidents for each of the bullet points highlighted below.

- Consistent baseless threats of FBI and Police involvement aimed at intimidating community members
- The sudden dismissal of Imam Morsy Salem with neither the consideration nor consultation of the IM&RI congregation
- A lack of transparency with Masjid finances/community donations; The last publicly posted financial report was in August of 2019
- Mistreatment of children, the arbitrary banning of community members, and threats of lawsuits
- An active hindrance of any community input related to decisions made by the “Shura Council” 
- Lack of transparency in the operations and finances of Al-Huda Weekend School and ISGR
- Stagnation and lack of direction with no intention of progress or community growth
- Abandonment of religious values with respect to decisions undertaken by the “Shura Council”
- Severe lack of diversity and representation in the “Shura Council”
- Conflict of interest in Shura positions as well as a "revolving door" leadership since founding of IM&RI
- Inciting ethnicity-based conflict in the community
- Lack of transparency in regards to the constitution of the organization
- Arbitrary closing the Masjid for weeks while “Shura Council” members attend congregational prayers at alternate Masajid

It is, therefore, abundantly clear that the members of “Shura Council” have failed in their duties and responsibilities to the IM&RI congregation. The trajectory of the “Shura Council” is in direct conflict with the values and religious obligations of the community members it seeks to represent. For this reason, we, the community members, respectfully ask the following:

1. The immediate resignation of the “Shura Council” 
2. The formation and peaceful transition to an interim administration responsible for Masjid operations and finances
3. A formal election for Masjid leadership to take place on June 4th, 2021

We seek an amicable resolution to the community problems highlighted above, and we hope that the “Shura Council” members do not resort to further fracturing our already fragile community. It is time to put the community first and set a vision of true progress. Please note that if our concerns are left unaddressed or met with hostility, we are prepared to immediately redirect all community donations, halt any IM&RI attendance, and make public the names and specific incidents omitted from this letter. We expect a serious response to our concerns by Friday, February 5th, 2021. The only constant in life is change. The Muslim community of West Michigan has concluded that our time for change has indeed arrived. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!