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Muslim Students in Ontario Deserve to Honor Their Religious Holidays

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Ontario is home to almost 61% of the total Muslim population in Canada; thus having Muslim students make up a large percentage of the total population of primary and secondary school students in Ontario. More than often, Muslim students are forced to juggle celebrating their religious holidays and worrying about their school attendance. I have personally struggled with this most of my academic career, trying to figure out which should be more important to me - going to school, or celebrating my religious holiday. I am more than positive that many other Muslim students have gone through the same experience before. I have seen the mayor of New York City announce both Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha as school holidays, and I was inspired to aim higher. I don't want it to be only my city or my district school board that announces both Eids as public holidays, I want the entire Muslim student population in the province of Ontario to have the ability to take a day off of school to honor their religious holidays. My aim is 6,000 signatures, but I am sure we can get many more. I am asking for everybody's help, regardless as to whether you live in Ontario or not, because I know that change starts with everybody everywhere uniting for the same cause. Your signature on this petition could be the deciding one, so don't underestimate your power to create change. Thank you for your support. 

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