Reclaim Ramadan - Boycott Haldon St Lakemba

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### Boycott Haldon street Campaign ###

Take back Ramadan from a money-hungry local council who wishes to capitalise on the blessed month of Ramadan.

Do not be a participant in the "halal" Mardi-gras of Haldon st, Lakemba.. which has now become a non-religious event with haram intermingling between men and women, music, distraction for those trying to pray taraweeh in upstairs musallahs on haldon st, a fraudulent misrepresentation of Islam to the non-muslims who come and we foolishly think are learning about Islam from this mayhem, a platform for Churches promoting their kufr to unsuspecting muslims in the form of Christian "da'wah" stalls, a form of idle time wasting during the blessed nights of the month of the Qur'an and a pickup joint for youth.

Do not attend and do not take your family to Haldon street this Ramadan. Take them to the masaajid, teach them of the sweetness of imaan in this month: the month of rahmah, the month of victory of the ummah, of seclusion with Allah, of taqwa and enjoining good and forbidding evil.

We call upon community organisations such as ANIC, to instead stand up for an Islamic cause and speak out against this obvious, menacing evil which has overwhelmed the community. We call upon them to stop this madness through their status and their extensive networks and contacts which have not failed to reach even the Prime Minister's Office in the past, making the lobbying of Canterbury-Bankstown Council a small ask in comparison.
Sheikhs and Community leaders, let your voices be heard. Muslims all over Sydney, join us and avoid these gatherings which invoke the wrath of Allah and strive to attain Allah's pleasure in a month that is like no other.

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