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Muslim lady lost her job for demonstrating proper use of condom on TV while dressed in hijab

Please support Milouda!

There is no reason she should lose her job or be threatened and harassed simply for performing a necessary public service.

She was merely doing her job educating the public and raising awareness to combat the spread of AIDS, while working for an anti-AIDS nonprofit organization in a country that has 25,000 recorded cases of AIDS infected patients. 

Now she's being harassed and threatened for causing embarrassment to the Muslim community, after she was shown on French TV educating Moroccan youth and prostitutes at an anti-Aids conference on how to apply a subtle technique to use a condom, especially when a sex partner refuses to use protection.

The spread of AIDS continues to be a global menace that affects us all!

Milouda should be hailed as a brave and courageous woman for going all out to raise awareness on a serious public threat and should NOT be ostracized for doing her job.

Clearly her intentions are good and not meant to cause harm or embarrassment to anyone.

Thank you for your attention to this critical matter.

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