Cut all ties with Penny Appeal & hold them to Account BEFORE it's TOO LATE!

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Imagine if a child in your family was Sexually Abused, Tortured and Exploited at the hands of someone you trusted to take care of them, how would you feel? How do you think the helpless child feels? Would you ever let them near another child again?  

Penny Appeal is being investigated for Child Sexual Abuse in Gambia.

We can not tolerate such breaches of Amanah, which is impacting the trust and confidence individuals have on the whole Muslim Charity Sector.

SIGN NOW - The Orphans are counting on you!

  1. We demand ALL Muslim and non Muslim organisations to immediately SEVER ALL ties, sponsorships and partnerships with Penny Appeal with immediate effect and to cease and desist any engagement with Penny Appeal.
  2. We demand all individuals to STOP supporting Penny Appeal and to divert your funds and efforts to other trusted organisations until such time they have replaced all trustees and the entire senior leadership team and can be trusted again!
  3. We demand the Charity Commission to investigate Penny Appeal:
    1. Why is it acceptable for a charity that turns over £30 million to have only 3 trustees?
    2. Why is acceptable to ignore the conflict of interest between the intertwined organisations BMTV and Single Muslim amongst others?
    3. Why charity status has not been revoked despite Senior Leadership Team resigning over concerns of corruption and mismanagement of funds?
  4. We demand the Information Commissioner's Office to investigate:
    1.  Sharp marketing practices
    2.  Failings to protect personal data
    3. Theft/Loss of Personal Data

Watch the news report: Child Sex Abuse Allegations

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The Orphans are counting on you...!