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Please License Orchestra Parts for Broadway Jr. Shows

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Music Theater is a vibrant, rich part of the fabric of millions of lives.  Shows are always in regular demand, whether in schools, community theaters, or professional companies.  The popularity of the genre itself and several popular shows in the last few decades have created a need for "Jr." versions of shows - abridged and simplified arrangements of larger, longer masterpieces.  

However, the biggest difference is the Jr. versions of shows do not encourage nor provide resources for musicians to accompany the production.  They encourage use of a pre-recorded music track.  However, more and more, music directors and show producers desire younger people to experience theater with live music, especially when the resources are available.

There is no work needed to be done by MTI or Tams Witmark to create these scores and parts - they already exist because the pre-recorded tracks confirm this.  What we are asking is for the opportunity to pay for the rental of the parts that already exist, so that we can bring these shows to life with the live music we are able to create, just as the traditional versions of these shows allow.  There are currently more than 60 different shows that have this restriction.

Please join us in this petition and request.  Having the pre-recorded CD is no doubt a benefit for some schools and companies with limited resources.  It should definitely still be made available.  What we are asking is for the additional licensing of the pit orchestra parts for schools and companies that prefer and can provide live music accompaniment.  The pre-recorded tracks are beautiful and inspiring. Live music, however, is organic, personal, elevating, and transformative for everyone involved.  

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