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Stop the Music Industry from Adding Siren Noises to Songs

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Today as I was driving home I heard a siren noise, conditioned by popular music, I thought it was just in the song I was listening to at that moment. To my surprise, it was an actual firetruck blaring it's sirens right next to me! Now, I want you to think of all of the times that you've heard a siren in a song and thought that you were getting pulled over. Of course it's a relief when you realize it was just in the song, but why do we continue to stand by and allow ourselves to be toyed with in this way?

Further, think about the people that those firetrucks and ambulances are on their way to save. When we're conditioned to think that sirens are in the songs we're listening to, it slows down our reaction times when actual emergencies arise. This is a detriment to our society. What if that was your family member that those men and women in emergency vehicles were trying to save? What if that was your best friend? You get the point. 

While this may seem like a trivial issue, I think we should be pushing music executives to stop producing music with sirens in them. How can we do that you might ask? If you hear a song with a siren in it, call your radio station and demand that they stop playing that song, specifically because it has siren noises in it. Stop buying the songs that have sirens in it. If we all unite and take a stand behind this cause we can make it clear that we are sick and tired of being frightened by sirens in music. We can and MUST change our society.

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