Just like the road toll campaign, we want towards Zero about drug deaths at music events

Just like the road toll campaign, we want towards Zero about drug deaths at music events

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Phil Blenkinsop started this petition to Christian Porter (Former politician) and

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a coalition of concerned citizens and parents, who have been impacted by the scourge of drugs in this country. We would like to draw your attention to a pressing issue about the music industry. Music festivals in particular.

As you know there have been a number of drug related deaths at music festivals in Australia. We are deeply concerned about the clearly uninhibited, unrestrained and shameless drug using culture that's been in place for decades at many of our music festivals. It has become an accepted norm for festival goers to bring in and use any kind of illicit drug imaginable, the drug use is completely out of control.

At present the meager police and medical resources on hand are unable to cope with the myriad of situations that occur.

There is no justification for this dangerous and risky behaviour at present. Any unacceptable behaviour, whether it be sexual assaults, violent incidents, drug induced illnesses can and should all be prevented at music festivals and events. There has been complete and utter inaction for way too long, that now must end.

There is a cost effective solution available to the taxpayer to prevent such events unfolding, the good news is all it takes is desire, resources, and legislation from state and federal governments to keep our music loving communities safe from drugs and all the negative flow on consequences.

If we are testing sporting athletes in the football codes and the police are testing drivers on our roads, then there is nothing stopping us from rolling out mandatory drug testing at music events. Voluntary Pill testing is a waste of time and a diversion from the real issue - what is needed is mandatory drug testing using quick and easy kits such Securetec Drug Wipe, at the point of entry. It is non intrusive and requires only one swipe of the tongue (saliva).

So much better to screen out all drugs and drug users and drug dealers at the entry gate, and keep them out. The music loving public deserves this, the police and medical staff turning up and having to deal with violent incidents, overdoses and deaths, day after day. Its not fair,its not fair for families to lose a loved one, the impact is forever.

What price should we pay to keep the crowds of people attending music events safe ? Not much at all - about $15 off the shelf, or most likely cheaper in bulk amounts (maybe as low as $5). This cost should be a compulsory line item on each music ticket sold. It would not be high price at considering many festivals charge $400 or more for a two day ticket event.

It is time the music industry cleaned up its act, in the same way that sport has been expected to clean up and remove drugs and drug use from the picture. This needs to be applied to all those involved in the music events, including the organizers and performers themselves as well as the crowd. It is entirely possible for us to set a clean and respectable example to our youth and young people across our country. The music performers need to remember that they are role models and the organizers need to understand this as well.

Saliva drug Test strips, detect illicit drugs like MDMA, cocaine, any kind of opioid, crocodile (synthetic), Ice, Acid and so on. The same strips have been in use for years to take drug affected individuals off our roads, why not use the same easy to use affordable technology to keep drug users, traffickers out from our music events ?

Event Security would test patrons on entry, those testing negative good to go, those testing positive denied entry, escorted to police for processing which can include fines or charges depending on severity of the offence, for example a trafficker intending to supply and distribute drugs charges. A drug affected driver fines and licence suspension in line with state laws. A light drug user refusal of entry, a 12 month ban from all music events and referral to drug counselling.

The whole idea of a comprehensive scheme of drug testing is to keep the whole community safe. The civil liberties of a few drug affected individuals are not an argument against the safety and best interests of the music community in general. Its the same principle as road users, or people attending sporting events or any other public event.

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