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It has recently come to our attention that the MCA is closely tied with the Chicago Police Department. We have become aware of the donation made to the 18th district precinct in 2019. We want to make it clear that these actions are staunchly against the beliefs and efforts of the Teen Creative Agency as stated in our mission statement, “We do not accept ageism, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, or ableism; all non-liberatory ideologies are not welcome. We challenge those who do not agree with our ideas to meet us where we are at with compassion.” Now, our duty is to ensure that these values transform into physical change within our community. 

We challenge the MCA to acknowledge the systematic abuse of power and overt brutality exhibited by the police. In order to pursue justice in every respect, the MCA must take a stand and cut ties completely with the Chicago Police Department. We urge MCA leadership to be forthcoming and fully transparent with all employees about the extent of the MCA’s involvement with the flawed police system. This includes any contracts or formal agreements with the CPD, all monetary contributions that have been made to CPD, all information and surveillance the MCA voluntarily shares with CPD out of informal agreements, and what kind of police cooperation is legally required of the MCA. Further, we urge MCA leadership to pursue immediate divestment from the Chicago Police Department.