Change Nipmuc's Harmful School Mascot

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For decades, Nipmuc Regional High School, located in Upton, MA, has used the "Nipmuc Warrior" as its school mascot. In a district that is over 90% white, students don this offensive logo every day to school, sporting events, and throughout our community. Numerous clubs and teams continue to profit off of the logo through merchandise sales and other fundraising opportunities.

At a time of immense social change, we must reexamine our own actions and how they may contribute to systems of injustice. Perpetuating racist stereotypes through the use of our current mascot is one of those very actions. 

In 2016, the Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council unanimously voted to issue a statement in which they affirmed that any and all sports mascots depicting native people are tied to the history of genocide in this country against their people. In their statement, the Nipmuc Nation said that "Mascotting another group of people without their permission isn’t about love, respect, and honor but about privilege and power; the same privilege and power that discriminates against Native American people and our nations every single day." The statement goes on to say, "The use of ethnic-related sports team mascots, symbols, and nicknames has to stop." We encourage you to read the full statement here (tw // mention of suicide). 

To continue using the current mascot would be a blatant disregard of our school's history, our nation's history, and the demands of the Nipmuc Nation. It has been over four years since the initial issuance of that statement—preceded by decades of inaction—and we believe that we shouldn't go a day longer ignoring it. We recognize that the current Nipmuc Regional School Community did not create this injustice, but it is our responsiblity to make it right.

We hope you will join us in calling for that change.