Secure Murrieta Schools - 3 Officers at Every School

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We MUST protect our Children with Protection Officers. There is no disputing that school shootings are devastating and preventable acts of violence. Furthermore, they strike fear into the hearts of every child, teacher and administrator in our City. 

This is not a petition for, or against, gun control, that argument has, and most likely will continue, for years. The website estimates there are between 270-310 million guns in the United States. I do not think any disputes the fact that it would be almost impossible to remove that many guns from civilians. Certainly not fast enough to make our kids feel safe. 

As a United States Marine, who has both Military and Police Academy fire arms training, I know the effectiveness of meeting a violent threat with a visible deterrent. Even if the Protection Officers were in plain clothes, to serve as a first line of defense, our children would be far safer than they currently are. The reaction time of a officer on campus would save lives in the event that a active shooter did make it onto the campus and begin firing.

The quickest way to ensure that our children are safe is to place a minimum of 3 armed Protection Officers at every Murrieta Valley USD campus. They cost is remarkably inexpensive. 

 According the TVUSD Website, there are 21 schools within the district. According to the Point 2 Homes website, there are a total of 38,702 households. According to the average Custom Protection Officer earns $15.15 per hour. Factor in an additional $10.00 per hour for admin fees. Using those numbers, the annual cost per household would be roughly $58.00. 

 Please join me in signing this petition to let our Murrieta City Council and School Board know that we do not want our children to be an easy target for some deranged gunman.

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