The Show Must Go On

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Art is one of the most beautiful and important things this world has to offer. ArtsFest was a crucial event to Murray High School's history providing an experience to showcase the talented artists at MHS and the Community--- be it graphic artists, makeup artists, musicians, and in many cases now, filmmakers. The fact of the matter is--- to "change" an event because some people just don't appreciate the arts proves that the administration does not truly appreciate the arts themselves. 

The hypocrisy in Murray High School's decision making skills is perfectly clear. Why change one event, but let the "Spirit Bowl" stay, despite a MUCH higher student abandonment rate? You cannot cherry pick. It's quite a double standard indeed, as if they canceled the Sugar Bowl, or some Dance Co, Drill Team, or other "more popular" event, the masses would erupt in fury. 

ArtsFest not only brings Murray High School together for one day--- it brings the entire Murray community together to showcase a universal language that everyone on this planet understands, that can be showcased in almost any format, and can really show talent, besides of course, MHS's favorite, throwing a leather ball and tackling someone else. 

Bringing this event back would keep a tradition alive that many students truly love, and alumni come back for. Without ArtsFest, the students don't showcase the art, and the sports bias truly shows. If you REALLY value the arts, I want this event reinstated. If it's  far too late, I want a response. Making this move TRULY shows that you DO NOT appreciate the arts.  Who cares if the naysayers leave? MOST kids leave to go get food, or run an errand, the MAJORITY return. Have you asked students themselves if they are truant or not? Where have you received this information that students upright leave? 

I've witnessed firsthand how many kids truly put in effort to put a show on for just one day. They make it their life, much like their passion for the art itself.  Art is life, the world all around us, and it unites every class, creed, race, religion, gender, everyone. From the jock who has a 1.5-2.0 and still gets to play sports, to the kid who works hard and gets a 4.0, and wants to showcase his art and now cannot, this event is for all. And for all it shall be. 

"Arts Fest was hundreds of extra hours for teachers and volunteers, as you all know." 

So, if it's too much time and labor, perhaps they should get off their lazy asses and let the real passionate people step forward. 

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