Murray Chong for Mayor

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Murray Chong, an outspoken New Plymouth councillor, the last bastion of free speech in New Zealand. 

Muzza has been known to stick it to the PC brigade of the New Plymouth district council, he calls a spade a spade and doesnt settle for this virtue signaling crap that New Zealand is known for. 

Recently Murray responded to a dreaded Facebook post with the question "name a song you would be ashamed to sing?" 

Murray replied: "the Te reo version of the national anthem" 

Next thing New Zealand's disgraceful & biased media turn this into a story, labeling Murray as racist !? 

Ohhh, the next thing you know the lefties are up in tears, crying liberal tears...Murray you racist. 

In the interest of balanced democracy, HELP us VOTE MURRAY in as Mayor of New Plymouth. 

Neil Holdom won the mayoralty in 2016 by 8757 votes, so let's get Murray to 10,000 submissions. 

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