Encourage, Endorse, and Support Human Rights/Dignity

Encourage, Endorse, and Support Human Rights/Dignity

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Started by Robert Pierce

My rights as a human being have been violated, strategically planned, implemented, endorsed, encouraged, and executed for the last two years based off unfair bias towards my social status due to social inequality/injustice, race, religion, gender, and political beliefs. This has been permitted and condoned by all politicians, all forms of government from local, state, and federal across the entire country.

Without my knowledge or consent, my life has been made public, all privacy, intimacy, thoughts, and dignity were wrongfully stolen for the past two years. This immoral, unethical, and inhumane act against humanity has stripped me of my rights of dignity, privacy, intimacy, and as a result has caused extreme mental and psychological distress through subliminal persuasion or suggestions that also caused public humiliation, shame, character assassination, gender bias, public tracking, and stalking as if I am an animal or human social/behavioral experiment.

This has directly effected my relationship with my children as well as the rest of my family. In addition to causing mistrust, mixed emotions, and strain within my own family, it also effects my ability to trust and establish new relationships.

This not only effects me, it has effected my local community, it has effected the entire country. If this demoralizing and dehumanizing type of behavior against human rights/dignity and this type of mental/psychological abuse is committed against one person, there’s the chance that it could be done to others. It needs to stop, an example needs to be made to show the people of this country that we do believe in freedom and that our government cannot endorse and encourage this type of behavior without that persons knowledge and consent.

An example needs to be made that these acts against humanity (along with mental/psychological health, social discrimination, and social crimes) will not be permitted, condoned, or tolerated. Those in power who not only watched, but chose to encourage, endorse, and participate for the last two years need to be held liable publicly and financially so that me and my children have a peace of mind as we move forward with our lives. We begin our lives when the mission has been accomplished and after two years, it’s time for us to begin our lives.



7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!