Increased Murfreesboro Rover Bus Service

Increased Murfreesboro Rover Bus Service

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Ray Harrington started this petition to Murfreesboro City Mayor & Council Members shane mcfarland and

Petition For Rover Expansion

We, The Citizens Of Murfreesboro are in desperate need of both later hours during the week and weekend service as some of us have disabilities some of us have children some of us have jobs and classes we have to be too we are all different people from different backrounds however we all have one thing in common, WE DO NOT DRIVE!!!! And because we do not drive we all rely on a few things, our feet, bikes, getting rides from people rover cabs uber and lyft but the majority of us cannot afford to just jump in a cab or an uber on a daily basis and we need the rover we rely on the rover we enjoy using the rover and we deserve and need more consideration from our city officials who we depend on to build a better foundation for WE THE PEOPLE of this city in which we choose to call home!!!!!

the only thing we are asking is expand service hours Monday-Friday so people have a way home from work a little later in the evening and added weekend service so we can get our errands run such as grocery shopping laundry at the laundry mat picking up our medications from the pharmacy etc.... on the weekends taking our children to the park the movies the going out to eat or t the mall whatever it may be

I started this petition because... 

(my personal story posted to give the council members why this is so important)
my name is Ray Harrington
i am a resident of Murfreesboro and have been since june 2016
i am writing because i am a resident who often uses the rover bus and we need more service we need longer hours we need saturday and sunday service more importantly we deserve it

i am going to give you an idea of why
i am a 44 year old single full time father and like many i do not drive not because i dont want to not because i lost the privledge to do so but because i suffer from epilepsy and yes i am legally allowed to drive and even my doctor told me to do so, however i am going to tell you a hypothetical story

its a nice bright sunny day and your in your car with your husband and children or your kids and the family dog or you and your friends or even just you and your headed out and about as its beautiful outside ya dont wnat to waste the day however behind you on the road at the red light on old fort parkway and thompson lane comes a car and in that car is me and my son and well suddenly i have a seizure and my foot jams the excelorator at the cars maxium speed and well you are hit from behind at 100+ miles an hour and in the back seat are your children, well now your kids are fine however our not your paralyzed from the waist down and well your husband he died in this tradgic accident and now you (assuming you survived) and your family and all your loved ones have to live with your disabilities and or your losses for the rest of your lives and as your children get old well now they have to be your providers and caretakers well me and my son hayden, not a single scratch however me, well i have to live with the fact that although my son and i are unharmed people are either dead or paralyzed and lives are in disaray and why??? well because i choose to play god and take the lives of innocent people into my hands because i wanted to drive so i could make my life a little easier yet in doing so lives were destoryed and i not only have to live with the fact that i caused this i have to live with the fact that t only happened because for my own selfish reasons i decided to be irresponsible as if nobody else mattered out then med my wants
is my life hard? oh god is it ever, however many lives are spared because of the choices i make since 2004 i have had 5 seizures and o damage has been done to anybody however it only takes on time and had i been driving i can assure you that one time would of bee here already
so yes my life hard but i choose to be responsible and make sure throughout my life nobody dies or ends up with a medical condition that devistates their lives, however by me not driving i am making my life harder but i do it to protect people just like yourself and behind this i rely on the rover bus system to help make my life a little easier and make life a little more fun for my son

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