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Aaron Leicht
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We the citizens of the city of Murfreesboro, petition the city to honor the initial plans agreed upon by its residents and City Council members to develop “Blackman Park” along Interstate 840 and Veterans Parkway to fulfill the needs of the fast-growing Blackman area and surrounding communities.

We reject the idea that a hotel and soccer complex for traveling teams in this location would add value to our community or well-being. We refuse to sit idly by as decisions that will affect our quality of life and that of our children are made by a select few behind closed doors.

The City Council’s Mission Statement is to “ensure the highest possible quality of life (for its citizens)”. Convenience and quality of life is, and should be the priority for the residents, above all else.

The Commitment Of The City Council states that they are “committed to listening to the voice of the community”. City officials held neighborhood meetings for local input, and based on said input, agreed to the 119-acre Blackman Park off Interstate 840 and Veterans Parkway. As the residents you represent, we are asking that you honor your commitment to those that elected you into office, and put the community FIRST.