Stop Using Internationals For Cash

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Following the 4 Corners investigation, Murdoch University students call on the University Senate, the Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen and the Provost Romy Lawson to:

1. Conduct an investigation into falling English standards at the university;

2. Review  language requirements for international students and the university's compliance;

3. Give necessary support to current international students struggling with English;

4. Review the relationship with partner universities whose English degrees are recognised; and

5.. Consider additional entrance examinations.


The ABC's '4 Corners' investigation into Murdoch University airing on 6/5/19 uncovered endemic issues in how Murdoch uses international students. Several academics have now gone on record to report that the university has practically dropped its English requirements and been giving scholarships to students that have poor literacy and numeracy.

The problems that this creates are twofold. Firstly international student rates of failure have increased, with students struggling to cope with the environment of academic English. Secondly the reckless actions of the university in pursuit of quick financial turnaround are going to damage the university's reputation, as well as reduce the student experience for domestic students.

Academics are struggling, international students are failing and domestic students are driven away from the university. Dropping English standards for the sake of greed are unacceptable and Murdoch must rectify this for the sake of international and domestic students.