Municipality of Walvis Bay take Responsibility on the Air Pollution

Municipality of Walvis Bay take Responsibility on the Air Pollution

1 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Dries Schoonbee

For years Air pollution in Walvis Bay exist. Air pollution in many forms.

If it's not East Wind for days after each other, that is a Natural cause. It's smoke from the Solid waste Department of Municipality of Walvis Bay.

With the same breath you take, you have the strong smell of Sewage gasses in the air. 

When smoking in restaurants or public places is not allowed.

Sewage smell so strong causing irritation, start feeling nausea, Some cases vomiting, fatigue, headaches, dizziness or lightheadedness, poor memory, and concentration

The constant flies and mosquito problem, breading in both these environments. Not acceptable
The health conditions of elderly people, and active sports people all get negatively impacted. Chronic medication for patients is to be used by individuals to cope with this kind of pollution. Elderly people that pay Tens of thousands for medical aid, drained the medical plan within six months. Totally unacceptable, The whole community of Walvis gets negatively impacted.

We need Change and we need the Office of the Municipality of Walvis Bay to take responsibility and act.

We need the Solid Waste Department to be moved and reallocated further out of town. We know the Sewage Department is very old and needs to upgrade and also to be moved further out of town
The current system is not working with a lot of problems causing health issues to the residents.

How can this be? How can this kind of air pollution be accepted by Walvis bay Residence?

How can we pay for services rendered, services to and from the municipality, and still have problems like n the rural areas with no rules and guidelines? Walvis bay is Classified as a City.

Five Things a Perfect City Needs, Spatial Justice, Sociable Streets, Entrepreneurship, Walkability Diversity of ages, uses, and cultures.
We surely need to improve on Spatial Justice

Help us to help the Municipality of Walvis bay to improve its services and enjoy cleaner air in and around Walvis Bay

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Signatures: 62Next Goal: 100
Support now