Vote against rezoning PID: 55167316 from F1 to M4

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Currently the land is zoned for F1 and the uses relating to the operation of a quarry (processing of quarried aggregate) is not permitted.  Please don't let this be changed for the following reasons:

1) Our property value will be severely impacted.

2) The machinery used for processing is extremely loud and could potentially run 24/7. Along with large dump trucks running up & down our road nonstop.

3) Prospect Road to Lloyd South is a secondary unpaved dirt road and cannot with stand hundreds of dump trucks traveling to & from the quarry.

4) The upgrade to Lloyd South road would only benefit Ledge Rock Construction & should not be cost shared with our tax dollars.  The county will be losing tax revenue by the decrease in our property assessments alone. 

5) We already have well established rock quarries here in the valley & do not need another.  The materials from the North mountain quarry alone are sufficient enough for all our needs.

6) Damage to our properties from blasting is a possibility ie: cracking foundations, diverted underground waterways could impact our wells. (I was informed NS Environment has already done tests stating there is no issue)

7) Mr. Reimer's family owns up to 150 acres of land.  PID: 55167316 could just be the beginning. 

Please don't let this happen to our community.


Thanks you.


*After speaking with my neighbors that have been dealing with this for a few MONTHS they have enlightened me to new information that my municipality has failed to. They first public hearing it was incorrectly stated what "processing" was.  The quarry is there.  They are able to crush rock on site through F1 zoning.  Mr. Reimer is able to operate his quarry under the current zoning.  The BIG difference is if he gets M4 he can have vendors come to his quarry for material, operate a asphalt or concrete processing facility & storage.  Storage could be hazardous material like toxic fracking wastewater used which could be used at a concrete facility.  Mr. Reimer has not put forth a viable business plan that entailed the need for M4 zoning and can reapply once one is submitted.  My / our Municipality only has control over this zoning issue.  Once it is done, there is no going back.  My district councilor can not even vote on this matter on Nov 4th as she was not in attendance for the meetings.  This needs to be voted against by out councilors until council & the public fully understand the implications this could have on the residents. 

The Lloyd South co-funding to upgrade the road is not needed.  Mr. Reimer has already been removing material from the quarry & can still do so.  It had been observed that NS transportation has already cleared brush from the road. This was done on a Saturday incurring O/T rates I assume & did not need to be done for our community.  A sign entering Lloyd South states it is an unmaintained road.  The only entity that would benefit from they upgraded road would be Ledge Rock Construction.  If the government deems this to be necessary, I expect to see a tender for this work.

On the Oct 30 public hearing it could not be determined if under F1 zoning Ledge Rock would be able to erect a building on site.  This should not be allowed to pass until it is CLEAR to the council in order to make an informed decision.  Our community cannot put forth an argument if the facts are not clear.  Council can vote no to M4 & Ledge Rock Construction can always reapply.  Once Council says yes to M4 zoning it is out of their hands.  I intend to submit this to local media outlets.

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