Keep fairytale walk in North Saanich

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A North Saanich Grandmother, Lorraine McKay and some of her grandchildren spent many hours during the Covid Lockdown to create a magical fairy forest walk for people in the North Saanich and greater Victoria area. It has been enjoyed by many children already. But after a news report on Chek News was aired, many more people started coming around greater Victoria hoping to catch it before it was removed.  Unfortunately, as Chek News informed, us a complaint was made by one individual, to the municipality and the mayor complaining and calling it litter and now because of a complaint, they have been asked to take it down. So many people have expressed frustration over this situation and we would like the municipality to come up with a more suitable solution. Either to give this grandmother a new location or to allow her to keep it there. 

These types of trails has been done Successfully in other locations and it seems wrong that one person can take the joy from so many. One very well known hike is teacup mountain near Abbotsford. It’s become such a beloved place for families to take children and a way to encourage children to get outside. North Saanich is a beautiful place to hike with your family and special spots like this only enhance the beautiful outdoors that we as Vancouver Islanders love so much. 

Together we can use our voices as south islanders to encourage North Saanich to allow us to be able to have a great place to take our children and grandchildren, especially during such tough times when we have so little we can do during a pandemic.