Install sidewalk along Bruce Ave between Wieck Blvd and Park St

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Stonehaven is a large and growing subdivision at the South end of Kincardine. There are over 120 families currently living in this area, many of which include young children, and there are new houses being completed every month. Stonehaven currently has no access to the rest of Kincardine via a pedestrian sidewalk. Many families use the soccer fields, baseball diamond and dog park situated off of Bruce Ave. not to mention using Bruce Ave to safely access the rest of Kincardine while jogging, biking or walking. Furthermore, dozens of school aged children walk to and from bus stops at the corner of Wieck Blvd and corner of Park St daily, many far out of their way because it is not safe for them to walk along Bruce Ave. The absence of sidewalks on this busy road next to a large subdivision presents residents with the dangerous situation of walking on a very busy road and it is a recipe for disaster.

We the residents of Stonehaven and surrounding area are requesting a sidewalk be installed from Wieck Blvd through to Park St along the North side of Bruce Ave where a 10 foot “road widening” allowance has already been given to the Municipality by Castlebridge developments.

We implore Council to approve the installation of sidewalks along the north side of Bruce Ave. between Wieck Blvd and Park street as well as a crosswalk (a sign with flashing light that can be activated by pedestrian traffic) at the intersection of Park St. and Bruce Ave to allow safe access across Bruce Ave from Stonehaven subdivision before someone gets hurt.

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