Inverness Sewage Treatment Plant

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The community of Inverness requires a new Sewage Treatment Plant immediately.  The steps that you have taken are not preventing the odours from being released into our homes  and throughout the community.

We the undersigned are dealing with the disgusting odour from the plant on a daily basis.

It is an embarassment to our community to have to explain this disgusting odour to our visitors/tourists.

It is unhealthy for us to have this disgusting odour lingering over Inverness, entering our households.  It is a health risk to inhale these toxic gases and they can lead to serious health issues.

Inverness is a growing community with a substantial increase in construction of residential and commercial properties since 2012.  The current plant is 20 plus years old.

We are requesting an immediate resolution to be taken by Council and all other levels of funding agencies to start immediate steps to have a new facility built as the current system has reached its capacity.

This petition will be submitted to all levels of government and our political representatives.  Immediate action is necessary as the current steps taken by the Municipality is not/and will not resolve the problem.

Please share this petition.  There will be petitions placed in the local stores.