Safety demanded for St. George Street, Central Elgin.

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There is a great need for a safer place to walk along St. George Street in Lynhurst a community contained in Central Elgin.  We want to see a solution for St. George Street put in immediately to ensure our families and communities safety. Please take a moment to sign this petition if you are concerned.

There is lack of curbs or very low curbs in several areas, the road meets the sidewalk with no gaps/space.   Drivers have been and continue to be distracted or look away and begin to veer onto the sidewalk.  The rumble strips were a bandaid on a very large and potentially fatal issue.   Several in our community have almost been hit and on one occasion a stroller was hit.  

This stretch of road is a direct path to our community park and for lots of us an avenue our children walk to bus stops, friends houses and the neighbourhood convenience store.  Many of our walking and jogging clubs frequent this route as well.  If you have walked or even driven along this route of road and are concerned we need your signature.  As a driver there is a level of fear too with children and animals jetting out in front of us with the road and sidewalk at the same level and no partition. 

This petition will be presented to the Municipality of Central Elgin and request that St. George street be put at the top of their 2018 priority and a safe resolution be found for this stretch of roadway.