Remove restriction of Pups on Patios in Bayfield, Ontario.

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Until recently, dogs were welcome on the patios in Bayfield, Ontario.  In fact we have been taking our pup to the patios in Bayfield for 7+ years.  There has never once been an issue.  Although I am aware there is a provincial bylaw restricting this, I am unclear why the change in enforcement and also question how many other establishments are able to welcome pups to patios - Www.bringfido.comcom

This restriction is not the choice of the restaurant owners - Bayfield has always been a dog friendly Village and many visitors who come every year to shop, eat and stay have come to expect their pups to be welcome when visiting Bayfield.  

Please help me have this restriction removed for Bayfield, Ontario by signing this petition and #SayYesToDogsOnPatios

It needs to be the choice of the establishment not some antiquated bylaw that has not been enforced for years!