stop shooting and poisoning of dogs to "clear the street" in West Bank

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Please take one minute and answer this question: When is murdering considered acceptable? To shoot and kill a nursing bitch for her tail so that you can exchange it for money from the city? Not to mention her 9 fragile new born puppies to be exposed alone on the dirt to slowly dehydrate to death? For young children only to learn and reflect what they see and stone these little puppies for blood? To poison and inflict excruciating suffering to a innocent dog, minding his own business before it finally dies on the street?

 These examples are unbelievably and painfully real and is happening everyday, right now as you are reading this, on typical streets of Palestinian cities such as East Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Gaza, to name a few. And this all just for the efforts to "cleaning the streets” and to be “cool”.

There are more humane and compassionate ways to "cleaning the streets" of innocent animals than to murder, which only encourage violence from the people and children. These animals are not bothering anyone and just want to be left alone in peace, just like you and me.

Please join in on the movement to stop the cycle of violence one life at a time. Violence never was the right answer for anyone and anything. Think for yourselves and take responsibility. You can do it. Please sign the petition and share. 

To learn more visit the facebook and donation link of Bethlehem Animal Shelter in West Bank: