May 6, 2021
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Municipality of Abra de Ilog
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Why this petition matters

Corona Virus started to spread all over the world during 2019 and is still suffering from it until this time. Since the situation became worse, all the events, activities, and work, even schooling was decided by the government to work on it through online instead to make sure that safety and security of all people in the country are maintained. Also, to decrease the cases of positive individuals from this virus. Lots of Filipinos are affected by this pandemic, works, business, and even the education of all youngsters affects greatly, hence they are now having a hard time to adapt the new environment or so called as “New Normal'' whereas wearing face mask and face shield, and sanitizing hand was required whenever they go out of their house. 

According to the latest statistics from We Are Social, Filipinos now spend the most time online compared to the rest of the world. In the Asia Pacific, we also spend the most time on social media sites, averaging 8 to 12 hours every day.  With ICT in our everyday use it can help our society to get better and help our country to a better change. But there are some contemporary issues in ICT such as cyberbullying, copyright infringement, green technology, and internet addiction, which we need to take action immediately. This issues increases due to this pandemic, youth and other users most likely to spend most of their time by using media apps and scrolling in social media specially during quarantine and when the online activities started like online class, online selling, works through online, online gathering and such, this is the reason why these issues increased.

We cannot deny that a large number of people today are now using Social Media, even senior citizens want to be part of it and want to try. Some are using it for bullying, not being aware of what they can cause to the bullied, unaware that it can lead to destroying one's life and confidence. Online games that young people are addicted to, sometimes it causes a change of behavior and affects their mental health and physical health. While in educational terms, an issue for this is the taking of others work and claiming it as their own for their essay, journal articles, research paper, and other academic paper. Also for not using the right way of borrowing an idea or work such as not putting an acknowledgement to the source author, through this action anyone can be accused of “plagiarism”- it is a crime of taking the idea without consent or acknowledgment. Using citation will help us to prevent copyright infringement and cannot be accused of being plagiarist. 

Our team will be going to sent a request letter to each of barangay here in our municipality that proposed a project for the students and teenagers which is a weekly free seminars and activities that may help and teach them on:

  1. How to gain the knowledge and information about how an individual can be a media literate.
  2. How they can avoid contemporary ICT issues and how they will be going to give peace inside the world of media.
  3. How to use the internet site and activities in a meaningful manner. 
  4. How to control and manage online games and social media applications so they would avoid internet addiction -  can cause a mental health and affects behavior. 
  5. How  to use or borrow ideas and works of other authors to control plagiarism; and on
  6. How to use social media as a comfort zone for everyone.

As we are giving a free seminar and activities that can improve their manners on using the rightful way of using media, we will launch a website and facebook page that can help us to disseminate information about contemporary ICT issues. A weekly seminar would be documented and will be uploaded to our created website and facebook page, thus, we can teach other people users  even without our presence in front of them. I want all teenagers, users, and students to be friendly in their social media accounts, teach them to improve skills on writing so they will not copy others work and they will have confidence and will trust their works. They will be more productive in their school papers, also that’s a bonus for their future job and life. I want them to be mature so they can guide those children users and can be a good model of media users.

If you agree with what I proposed, please share this petition with as many people as possible. Media is a place to start discussion and initiate change. Let’s help each other to build confidence, start to learn and stand on their own without taking other’s idea, to help online gamers or social media users avoid and stop  internet addiction, and LET’S START TO CHANGE THE TOXIC SOCIAL MEDIA, AND BE A RESPONSIBLE MEDIA USERS TO HAVE PEACE INSIDE THE WORLD OF MEDIA SOCIETY!!!

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Signatures: 32Next Goal: 50
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