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Peter Z Pan started this petition to Municipal Office of Standard, AB, Canada (Municipality in village of Standard) and

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Year 2012, as a single father, after my divorce, I brought my two minor daughters from Montreal relocated to the village of Standard in province of Alberta, and I bought a mini hotel in this town for my business. Since then, I start to having lots of troubles to dealing with small-town political issues, partly because I am the only Asian family in this village. Fortunately, all the inspectors sent by the village office, and they are all on my side because they know this village’s tricks and since they found nothing wrong with my hotel after the inspection.

A terrible thing happened in 2016, after a guy moved a 2-bedroom mobile house to my hotel yard, which I wasn’t formally purchased. The village office moved this mobile house away by wrongly named it as “skid shack”, which they claimed that it’s not allowed with village of Standard bylaw. Clearly, this action is an illegal application of the bylaw from Alberta Municipal Affair ACT. Not only that, the village office also applicate on me for the moving cost and $15 daily storage charges. These fees were hidden in my hotel property tax (I refused to pay those fees but I always paid off my annual property tax). Then the village office accumulated storage fees up four years to total of $29,000. Year 2020, the village office of Standard illegally linked to place my hotel property for public auction if I continually refused to pay so.

According to the Provincial Government Municipal ACT S610: Property without owners under the control of the municipality will automatically become the legal property of the municipality if it is unclaimed after 30 days. To reduce expenses, the municipality must auction it after 90 days; for some reason, the municipality must destroy it if the auction fails. However, the village office of Standard who knew that it was illegal and kept it in a parking area for over 4 years, accumulating a storage fee of $29,000, and used it as an excuse to threaten Peter in 2020. If the payment is refused, my hotel will be auctioned! This is a clear testimony to the abuse of power by the village office of Standard to against the civilians, which it almost driving me to suicidal.

Recently, Alberta Human Rights Commission sent a request for the village office to respond my complaint. I filled an injunction to stop auction of my hotel and legal harassment, possibly wish to sign the counterclaim for all the damages they caused my business and my family mentally, emotionally, and physically for nine years long of the abusive. I have all the support documentation with evidence to follow up.

The village office of Standard harassment against me also includes: 1) Every year, the snow on the street dumped onto both of my hotel and residences properties.  2) I knew there is no need to apply a permit to renovation of my existing patio, but the village office of Standard advised me to apply a permit, whenever I followed and make a submission, the village office of Standard sent me a refusal; meanwhile accused me "renovation without permit". 3) Using the power rejected my hotel to designate for Canadian culture & historical site. 4) Spread rumors and ruin my hotel business into the market. 5) Provide cheap rent and convinced my tenants to break the contract. And there are much more once finally I got accepted of my complaint with Alberta Human Rights Commission. . .

I insist on struggling and started this petition, one is for my family living environment, the other is for the immigrants and minority social groups who are still living with unfair living environments, and to let the mainstream society pay attention, justify back the mistakes and provide a better living improvement for all of us.

(请注意,我不需要任何捐款,只期望诸位为我签名转发, 不胜感谢大家的鼎力支持和声援)

作为一名单身父亲,我带着两个年幼的女儿于2012 年由魁省蒙特利尔移居阿省小镇Standard,并买下了一栋酒吧餐厅客房连体的百年迷你旅馆。由于我是唯一的亚裔,移居小镇不久就陷入了种种麻烦和歧视。虽然镇办 (village office of Standard) 一直刁难,并频频要求检查官们检查我的旅馆,但是检查官们均知道小镇的政治生态环境(SMALL-TOWN POLITICIAL ISUSSES),由于我完全遵守有关运营规定,检查官们都很同情我的遭遇,并一再鼓励我不要气馁。由此镇办再次制造种种借口继续对我的生意刁难干扰,但我并没有因此屈服,于是镇办变换手法进一步设计整治。

2016年我看中一个两睡房的活动屋,当时只表示有购买意向。可是该房主因为急于关闭他的公司,在我不知情没有任何手续的情况下,该屋主私下雇佣搬运公司把该活动屋擅自运到我旅店的领地上 (法律上该活动屋不属于我)。为了设法让我入套镇办故意把活动屋错称为Skid Shack,然后以该镇规定Skid Shack不可以在该小镇使用为由将该活动屋拖走,并知法犯法, 利用手中权力以$15日计仓费累积达4年之久,而后将$29,000 余元的仓费运费非法变更纳入我旅馆地税内。

按照省政府市政法S610: 在市政控制下的无业主或无人认领的财物,30天后无人认领即自动成为市政法定财物。为了减轻开支,90天后市政必须将其拍卖;因故流拍市政必须将其销毁。而Standard的镇办居然知法违法,将变更了的$29,000的仓储费作为拖欠地税,并以此为借口于2020年要挟。如果拒付便拍卖我的旅馆!这是镇办对平民滥用权力的明证,因投诉无门由此几乎把我逼上绝路。

最近,艾伯塔省人权委员会终于介入了调查并要求镇办回应我的诉求。与此同时我正在诉诸法律程序,禁止拍卖我的旅馆,并追讨九年来对他的生意和家人造成的物质和精神上的所有损害。我请求大家为我签我的Petition, 就是帮助我发声,讨回公道!

镇办对我的一系列的骚扰还有:1)每年将街道的积雪堆积在我旅馆和民居的私家领地。2)在维修酒吧露台时,镇办逼迫Peter申领建筑执照(按规定维修已经存在的露台无需建筑执照),为了减少摩擦我还是递交了申请,镇办来个拒发,然后声称无证装修。3)利用权力拒绝我的旅馆申办加国文化历史遗产。4)散布谣言并规劝小镇和周边的族群不来我旅馆消费。5)鼓动我的房客毁约,并为其提供廉价租房。等等, 等等。。。


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!