Change in land use designation

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This petition is for the Central  Elgin Harbour Redevelopment Committee to expand the community  land use zoning on the west side harbour to include the existing parking lot. The council’s current plan wants to change the land zoning to residential.  

Below are following reasons are why Harbour Planing Committee needs to expand the community zoning to include the existing parking lot. 

(A) Central Elgin has already spent funds redeveloping a public boat launch and walking trail. The public boat launch needs adequate parking for the boating community.  This should include at least 15-20 boat launch parking spaces and enough parking for tourist that use the walking trail and main beach.  The existing plan clearly does not provide enough space to accommodate use of these amenities. 

(B) During the tourist season it is clear from the congestion on the adjacent streets, Maud and Bessie, that we do not have enough parking for tourists that visit our village.  My suggestion is that the committee makes these streets “residential parking by permit only”  and direct tourist traffic to the existing public parking area. 

We have invested into a public boat launch and a boardwalk  should we not make these amenities accessible to the public? 

The Harbour Redevelopment Committee and our community has done a great job of revitalizing our village but we need the village accessible to the revitalization projects that we have already invested into the community.