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I am a TCP or Traffic Control Person in Victoria BC. Everyday while working on the roads for construction projects or special events, myself and other TCP’s and road side workers encounter unsafe activities from Drivers, Cyclists and Pedestrians that put Our safety, the crews safety and the public’s safety at risk of serious harm or death. 

Between December 2017 and Novemeber 2018  4 flaggers have been hit and seriously injured by members of the public showing no disregard for our safety. There have been several more minor accidents in this period as well. The amount of road side accidents each year should be 0!

1 incident involved a flagger been hit by an unopened can of beer from a passing vehicle, that struck the flagger in the head while picking up the construction signs. It rendered the flagger unconscious and caused serious injuries.

The latest event occurred on November 9th 2018 in Victoria when a TCP was struck while working on the road.

In most of these cases the drivers were just given fines, while the workers suffered or continue to suffer physical and emotional pain that can affect them forever.

It’s time for the municipal governments of B.C. and the Province of B.C. to step up enforcement to protect us and increase the punishment to drivers that violate the laws in our work zones.

Each municipality in B.C. has a traffic safety team. In Victoria BC we have the CRD traffic safety commission. This commission runs several traffic safety ads on TV, print and radio educating drivers and public about, Texting while driving, Wearing seat belts while driving, obeying pedestrians on the road and in crosswalks and education about cyclists and vehicles on the road. They have not ran an ad for education on road workers safety and what to do when in a construction area. Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland have the Integrated Road Safety Unit, a force of police officers from different departments that specifically enforce Road Safety laws. I’ve yet to see them near any of my sites. Other municipalities throughout B.C. have different enforcement groups and safety campaigns to promote safety. A province wide Road Workers safety campaign would be great to have implemented.

A reminder, Tow Truck drivers, City or municipal works crews, rubbish pickup crews, hydro crews, and any other crews on any road performing work any sort of maintenance or work count as road workers.

I’m asking all TCP’s, Road workers, and the public to sign this petition and share it around the Province of B.C. in hopes that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians will be further educated on what to do when we the workers are in the road. It might prevent serious injury or even worse, DEATH!