Grande Cache Child Care

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Numerous families in Grande Cache have contacted the MD regarding the childcare crisis in Grande Cache. I finally had the opportunity to meet with FCSS, who, although looked into various options, was unfortunately not able to provide any solutions aside from the recommendation to look into hiring summer students or start hiring nannies. 

Right now, we currently have one Daycare in GC. There is a waiting list of approximately 20 families for a spot at this daycare. Additionally, with closure of approximately 5 day-homes over the past year due to people moving away from town, as well as people retiring from childcare, there are at a very minimum, 30 families without childcare. When I put inquires out to social media to get a sense of how many families are currently without childcare, the response was overwhelming. There are families that are currently working exact opposite shifts as their spouses in order to accommodate their childcare needs, there are also mothers who have been unable to return to work following the end of their maternity leaves and are now on extended periods of unpaid leave as they have not been able to find childcare. Additionally, there are individuals who have had to make career changes so that they have given up their professional careers in order to take care of their children and taken on night time waitressing jobs after their spouses get home from work. There are also women who have had to give up careers/jobs altogether in the interim until this crisis comes to some sort of resolve. I’ve had meetings with FCSS, and so far, it seems that they are unable to provide any sort of support or relief. We, as parents of Grande Cache, are seeking the assistance of the Municipality District of Greenview No.16, Grande Cache.