Say no to Aldersyde East development

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Aldersyde East Area Structure Plan [ASP] Proposed Development


If you are resident of the Municipal District of Foothills and especially if you are located in the Ravencrest, Silvertip or Gladys Ridge communities, or have agricultural land in the surrounding area, you should take the time to adopt the following submission and sign the petition against this development:

The ASP proposes a high density housing project located in a rural setting, displacing over 1,500 acres of prime agricultural land. The project will have 6,000 - 9,000 residents mostly located on crowded city type lots located between the country residential areas of Gladys Ridge, Ravencrest and Silvertip, east of Highway 2, and on both sides of Highway 547.

This project is larger than the combined populations of Turner Valley and Black Diamond and will in fact be an isolated community, lacking many basic services. I am gravely concerned about the proposed Aldersyde East Development and what it means for my family and all residents of the MD of Foothills.

The Aldersyde East ASP is unacceptable to my family due to increases in traffic on a major secondary highway (547), noise and pollution from 30 or more years of construction, increased crime and devaluation of acreage property values.  This high density development will mean a significant loss of tranquility in the entire surrounding area and a degradation in the quality of life of all existing residents.  It is completely out of sync with a Country Residential environment, which is the reason why we moved here.

I do not think that any of the surveys of residents conducted in the past by the MD support this kind of development, and it makes little sense from a planning perspective for a project of this size and design to be located in a rural area with essentially no supporting infrastructure.


1.         Destruction of prime farmland

Over 1,500 acres of prime agricultural land will be taken out of production.

2.         Water and Sewage

The plan calls for water to be supplied from the Highwood River and will require a water treatment plant and a waste water treatment plant, with effluent being returned to the Highwood River. Scarce water resources will be depleted on a large scale. River pollution will be increased.

3.         Traffic

Primary access to the subdivision will be from Highway 547 and the developers propose that 3 roundabouts be installed on Highway 547, between Highway 2 and 128 Street East, with 2 traffic lights on the Aldersyde overpass, slowing down the movement of traffic and resulting in increased traffic congestion creating significant traffic issues for all users of Highway 547 and Highway 2 in the area, including the cattle haulers, grain haulers, house movers, and private passenger vehicle traffic from current residents and from the new development.

4.         Environmental degradation and impact to historical resources

The development includes land adjacent to the Highwood River Basin. There are 78 Species at Risk, designated by federal and provincial legislation that are known to exist or have potential to occur within the plan area.  There are recorded observations of the Ferruginous Hawk which is ranked under the Alberta Wildlife Act as “Endangered”. This development also falls within key range and key wildlife layers including: Sharp-tailed Grouse, Sensitive Raptor Range, Colonial Nesting Birds, Key Wildlife Biodiversity Zones as well as an identified Environmentally Significant Area.  Regulatory bodies have established these ranges for the protection of critical areas to preserve them from development.  Historical Resources have a high potential of occurring in areas adjacent to watercourses, as most previously mapped archaeological sites within the basin have been located adjacent to major waterways.

5.         Virtual absence of infrastructure

Residents of this subdivision will rely on the Towns of Okotoks and High River for much of their infrastructure support, thereby straining the resources of these towns without contributing to their tax revenue and increasing traffic on the connecting arteries.

6.         Sour gas pipeline

The area has several abandoned sour gas wells, not all of which have been reclaimed and there are portions of the subdivision directly adjacent to an existing sour gas pipeline. There are no satisfactory evacuation routes planned in the event of a sour gas accident.

Recently the  "Meadows of Dewinton ASP", another isolated high density hamlet subdivision was rejected by the Council of the MD. A similar petition supported by over 150 residents was believed to be a strong factor in influencing this decision so your support of our petition counts!