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It is the endeavour of our esteemed Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, to provide a safe environment for Women and Children.
The Municipal Corporation of Shimla is probably not aware that women and children are exposed to a reign of terror of the Monkeys and Dogs on a daily basis. They are harassed and bitten.
This year till September 2018, 940 Dog bites and 832 Monkey bites were travelled to IGMC alone. Several of these bites were on the campus itself. DDU Hospital will probably report more cases.
At this point of time only Monkeys and Dogs are safe on the streets. Monkeys have been declared vermin by the high court yet no action has been taken.
We, The Citizens of Shimla sign this petition requesting a safe walking environment on the streets of Shimla as this is our fundamental right and is entirely justified.
EACH SIGNATURE IS A SILENT PLEA FOR HELP as we look upon you as our saviour !

The Ministry of Environment and Forest, The Government of Himachal Pradesh and The Municipal Corporation of Shimla is requested to handle the menace of Monkeys and Dogs seriously and more efficiently to justify the fundamental rights of the citizens of Shimla. Please do not disappoint us as we look upon you to end this Jungle Raj !