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Excavating, removing and only then relaying of roads to ensure road levels remain the same

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Countless number of  individuals who have built their houses with lifelong savings have suffered irreversible damages. It is distressing how many families  had to shift to  other areas or had to sell off their properties due to deteriorating situations.  The situation has gone to that extent, that  in many areas, the individuals living along the roads have to raise the ground level of the respective campuses to the level of the windows of the buildings.

Due to rise in the height of the road, rain water flows back to the adjoining houses causing hellish condition for the people living there.

The rise of the level of the road has also led to the rise in the level of the adjacent footpaths which has resulted in the construction of the ramp by the individuals which protrude four to five feet above the roads. As the road level is not fixed, people build their houses at different heights from the roads resulting in haphazard construction.

Due to the increase in the height of the roads the draining systems also gets effected and water gets accumulated resulting in the seepage of houses getting choked. This leads to breathing problems and the houses start to stink.

It is crucial to maintain the original level of the roads during road  re-carpeting as people who have worked so hard in building their dream homes are practically being forced to leave as their houses are not suitable to live in anymore. Families who have invested their hard earned money in constructing their dream home will be more than happy with this decision of the government, if the Government permanently fixes and notifies the finished levels of the road and fix plinth level of the buildings, people will easily follow knowing that this is the final height of the road and they do not have to worry about the increase in the height of road in the future.

The ground level being fixed will result in people not covering the road by constructing staircases on the road and that will lead to people using the maximum width of the road for the movement of vehicles and people. The cover of the main hole of the drainage systems gets blocked by repeated re-carpeting of roads and that leads to early deterioration of road. To avoid this kind of a situation the excavated materials can be re-used and the resources used to re-carpet the roads could be use to develop more roads.

We demand that the Government makes this practice mandatory and publishes it in its gazette that the road levels are fixed and while repairing relaying or resurfacing the roads, the level of the roads needs to remain the same.

 Above shown is one of the photograph of a house which once was 3 feet above the road level and now it is 2 feets below the road level. Below is the link for few more photographs.




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