Save Water Bodies of Vadodara from pollution. Say "No" to Statues /Construction in Lakes

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The recent proposal are for statues of Lord Parshavanath (100ft) at Sama talav and Hamumanji (108 ft) at mahadev lake.

Such structures (idols/statues/masts) require dumping tons and tons of debris in its foundation, which is even worst level of environmental or technical thinking.

Such activities use water intensively so additional Burden to such small water bodies.

Currently we are struggling with water crisis, as existing available wetlands and soil surfaces have been covered with encroachment, solid waste, cement and tar hindering water percolation.

We don't have quality underground waters, due to concretization the underground water table goes further down.

It also completely destroys the existing marine/ aquatic life forms which include fish, tortoise, ducks etc.

We (VMSS) should not allow to accept such proposals which have disastrous environmental impacts even if its Zero cost to tax payer

Such act is also violation of rulings & contempt of honorable High Court of Gujarat Order dated 2 August 2002 in Special Civil Application No. 10621 of 2000. Which clearly states "No construction activity shall be allowed near such water bodies."

Hopefully, due consideration is given to our concern and further efforts are directed towards improvement of current situation